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10 perfect post-wedding getaways to spice up your honeymoon romance!

Planning a vacation with your partner is a lot more enriching than a month’s worth of romantic candle light dinners. It is because when you complete that journey, neither of you will be the same and the bond between you two will be stronger than ever before. You get to spend some time in each other’s company- mostly gazing each other,experiencing an adventure together, over changing landscapes and facing practical difficulties and finally pulling yourself together through them all.

1. Mauritius

What better way to start your married life together than the sun, sand and beaches- all at one place! Dreaming of it already? Well, we are talking about Mauritius- the one-stop destination for when you want to enjoy with your loved one and also enjoy the scenic beauty. A private dinner overlooking the oceans to adventurous treks along mountains- Mauritius has it all. So, what are you waiting for?


2. Maldives

If you are seeking a unique honeymoon experience, then this spectacular island is just your place. This destination offers crystal clear blue water, sprawling coral reefs, gorgeous sunsets and endless beaches you can have a stroll on with your loved one. With such an experience, make this honeymoon at Maldives, one of the best vacations of your life.
Made you go awww?


3. Walt Disney World

There’s virtually no better place for fairy-tale honeymoons than Walt Disney World Resorts. You can choose over wide range of packages from – honeymoon, adventure, to deluxe escapes.  There are multiple packages to choose from.  It also includes couples spa treatment and honeymoon pictures at various Disney sites. The Disney World is at 3 different locations currently, namely, Hong Kong, Paris and California. You can plan your honeymoon around any of these destinations. Go here and make your honeymoon nothing less than a fairy-tale romance!


4. Iceland

The name itself conjures up an image of a land of imposing ice formations, and while that isn’t too far off, Iceland is more than just arctic temps and shining glaciers.
The sites at Iceland comprises the Green Middle Earth or volcanic and lunar-looking landscapes. Breath-taking waterfalls are an eye-catching characteristic of this region. Your honeymoon in Iceland will remain etched on your heart forever. It’s an exciting, but rare opportunity to watch massive Blue Lagoons and soaring geysers. So pack your fur-trimmed hats and prepare to be wowed by this unique little island country.


5. Switzerland and Paris

Let’s assume that Bollywood has taught us something. From our Indian movies we’ve learned that no true love becomes complete without a trip to Switzerland.When combined with a vacation to the eternal city of Love – Paris, it would be a honeymoon that would spell out a classic romance. It’ll be far more perfect when accompanied by some of the world’s best chocolate and cheese. Also, some wine will help set the mood. A honeymoon trip to Switzerland and Paris is indeed an ultimate way to celebrate your love.

Switzerland and Paris

6. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a romantic side stored to it and is truly a magical place to be in. From stunning golden beaches to Sigiriya, which is considered to be the eighth wonder of the world, and from rejuvenating spa sessions to natural scenic beauty, Sri Lanka is truly a honeymooner’s paradise. You and your partner will get a true sense of beauty and relaxation once there.

Sri Lanka

7. Italy

When in Italy, your great honeymoon journey would embrace these contrasts – taking advantage of the vibrant life of cities founded by the forebears of Rome, the rustic charm of the fertile backcountry, and the class and taste of the modern jet set. Whether picnicking there  with wine in a Tuscan field, enjoying a moonlight ride on the lagoon of Venice, sipping Sambuco on a piazza in Rome, or catching some sun at a seaside terrace on the Amalfi Coast, you will be surrounded by the history, modernity, and romance, which would be prized by you forever.


8. Thailand

Another classic destination for any honeymoon break, Thailand is a favorite among Indian travellers. Imagine winter days spent at a plush hotel or inside an island beach hut on the southern coast of Thailand, which is surrounded by rugged cliff sides, the Andaman Sea, and iconic natural scenery in spots like Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi, and Ko Lanta. There’s even incredible food and fun nightlife in the grand metropolis of Bangkok, along with awe-inspiring cultural pursuits in the northern regions of the country. The possibilities are endless.
Couples seeking more peace and a quiet atmosphere will definitely find a nice big slice of serenity, privacy, and romance along with a Thai warmth and graciousness. Let’s just say that Thailand is one of the most attractive vacation spots in the world and a superb honeymoon choice for all.


9. Greece

If you are seeking lots of history, sunbathing, warm sea and diverse landscapes, then Greece should be your choice. Among the many islands of Greece,Mykonos and Santorini, are a honeymooner’s paradise. A Greek honeymoon is every couple’s chance to discover a country with stunning landscape and fun-loving people, that will provide a memorable honeymoon experience.


10.  Costa Rica

Leave the daily commute well behind as you venture out on a unique honeymoon experience in Costa Rica. Lay back on dry land with a backdrop of lovely tropical waters, stretch out your tired muscles in an open-air studio and nourish your body with a coconut scrub at spa sessions. Finally, retreat to the treetops in your own private honeymoon house and embrace your romantic surroundings in magical Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

It is high time to book a honeymoon trip right now. And who knows, you might even fall in love even more with your sweetheart giving your love life a feeling like it has just begun. Truly, travelling is the best way to rekindle your romance because some travel experiences are best when shared with your better half.


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