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Best Hotels In Bhutan

Bhutan, a mystical paradise, is a heaven for those looking for some luxurious accommodations along with adventure. Like any other tourist destination, Bhutan too has a long list of hotels. The best hotels in Bhutan complement the rustic charm of the cities while providing world-class amenities to the guests.

Bhutan is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Asia that offers a lot to its visitors. Since the number of tourists is regulated by the Royal Government of Bhutan, the country is never too crowded.

Here’s a carefully curated list of 10 best hotels in Bhutan for you to check out while planning your next holiday in the Dragon Kingdom:

1. Gangtey Palace Hotel at Paro

One of the best hotels in Bhutan on a budget, it is the only palace in the country to be converted into a hotel. Located in the mesmerizing Paro Valley, each room of the hotel offers a great view of Paro town and Rinpung Dzong. Travelers should try and stay at the Deluxe Rooms, for a luxury experience at budget rates.

Things to indulge in: The hot stone bath, views of Paro town and Rinpung Dzong, and the cozy bar.

Tariff: INR 3,000 per night onwards

2. Drubchhu Resort at Punakha

A list of best hotels in Bhutan is incomplete without Drubchhu Resort- a cozy and family-run place overlooking paddy fields and the Punakha Valley. Drubchhu acquires its name from the natural spring or Drubchhu on the property, which is said to have healing properties. Try the Deluxe Rooms at the resort for the warmth they exude.

Things to indulge in: Trekking in the valley and the paddy fields and soaking in the Drubchhu bath

Tariff: INR 4,500 per night onwards

3. RKPO Green resort at Punakha

The most striking feature of RKPO Green Resort is the unmistakable Bhutanese façade. The intricate patterns in green, red and yellow keep reminding that you are in the Dragon Kingdom. A “green” hotel in true terms, it has an organic vegetable garden that produces the finest and freshest vegetables. Try the Signature Suite for the modern amenities in a fashionable design.

Things to indulge in: Traditional archery or khuru, Bhutanese dart sport. Participate in traditional Bhutanese dances like the mask dance.

Tariff: INR 9,000 per night onwards

4. Amankora at Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Bumthang, and Gangtey

Amankora, or the pilgrimage of peace (aman is peace & kora is a circular pilgrimage), is a chain of luxury hotels in Bhutan. Located in five valleys, they are some of the best hotels in Bhutan which are characterized by the locales set amidst forests and orchards, and its contemporary whitewashed lodges. Try Thimphu Lodge as it is one of the most picturesque options for nature lovers.

Things to indulge in: Bhutanese oil massages, multi-cuisine experience ranging from Bhutanese to Continental, and customized excursions into the five valleys

Tariff: INR 13,000 per night onwards; all meals inclusive

5. Terma Linca Resort and Spa at Thimphu

One of the finest luxury resorts in Bhutan, Terma Linca exhibits a great fusion of Bhutanese tradition and modern elegance. All the rooms of this resort at Wangchu offers a stunning view of the river and the mountains. Try the Suite Rooms for spacious rooms with a blend of luxury and nature.

Things to indulge in: Learn to cook Bhutanese dishes, rafting, or try your hand at traditional archery. De-stress at its well-equipped spa.

Tariff: INR 17,000 per night onwards

6. Zhiwa Ling at Paro

The only completely Bhutan-owned resort to boast of a 5-star rating, Zhiva Ling is very close to Tiger’s Nest, one of the biggest attractions of Bhutan. From the hand-carved overhead beams to the hand-painted walls and ceilings, each part of the hotel is handcrafted. Two of the most unique features of the hotel is its state-of-the-art Swedish in-floor heating system and a Buddhist temple built from 450-year-old timbers. Try the Royal Raven Suite, perfect for families and offering ultimate comfort coupled with splendid views.

Things to indulge in: Peaceful tea-house near the Meditation house, Yoga Retreats that are conducted all year round, Sip the ‘Ara’ or ‘Dragon warmer’ at the Madman Bar.

Tariff: INR 21,000 per night onwards

7. Le Meridien at Thimphu

Located right in the heart of the capital city – Thimphu, Le Meridien offers a breathtaking view of the Himalayas. One of the best hotels in Bhutan, with the friendliest staff, it is a blend of modern amenities in a traditionally designed architectural space. Stay in the Classic Room for its iconic view.

Things to indulge in: Bhutanese and other Pan-Asian cuisines at Latest Recipe and Sese Shamu, and a rejuvenating spa at the Explore Spa

Tariff: INR 21,000 per night onwards

8. Dhensa Boutique Resort at Punakha

A pristine boutique resort with amazing views, Dhensa promises of a return to innocence with a memorable experience. Located in the verdant, pine-dotted Punakha valley, the resort is a retreat into serenity. Its beautiful locale and luxurious rooms fill you with a sense of tranquility and provide an opportunity to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Opt for the rooms facing the Punakha valley for obvious reasons.

Things to indulge in: Rice threshing in the paddy fields, trekking, river rafting, and the traditional art and craft workshops

Tariff: INR 22,000 per night onwards

9. Uma by COMO at Punakha

An intimate, luxury lodge located at the far western end of the lush Punakha Valley, Uma by COMO is one of the finest 5-star hotels in Bhutan. Situated on a bend of the Mo Chu river, it is a delightful combination of valley-facing rooms and elegant stand-alone villas. The hotel provides its guests with a unique opportunity to visit some of Bhutan’s most exotic landscapes and historic sites. Get a one bedroom villa for the royal and luxurious experience.

Things to indulge in: A rejuvenating spa treatment at the Shambhala Spa and the mouthwatering Bhutanese cuisine at Bukhari restaurant

Tariff: INR 26,000 per night onwards

10. Taj Tashi at Thimphu

Nestled in the heart of Thimphu valley lies the Taj Tashi, one of the best 5-star hotels in Bhutan. It is ideally situated for you to explore the numerous monasteries, centuries-old street festivals, scenic mountain passes, and pristine wilderness. Staying true to Bhutan’s ancient and alluring ways, Taj Tashi enchantingly blends Dzong architecture, modern design and is adorned with classical hand-drawn Buddhist murals.

The 66 spacious rooms and suites overlook the exquisite mountains and township and capture the essence of Bhutanese art and architecture. Each of the hotel’s four restaurants focuses on a different aspect of Bhutan’s Mahayana Buddhist culture. Stay in their Duplex Suite, for the abounding space, stunning views, and the private staircase.

Things to indulge in: Unwind with a drink at Ara- the bar that gets its theme from the dramneyn, a Himalayan folk music instrument. Soak into the Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath at the Jiva Spa, palatable Bhutanese cuisine at Chig-ja-gye, and the panoramic view of the prayer wheels from the Thongsal

Tariff: INR 38,000 per night onwards


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