Punakha was the erstwhile capital of Bhutan till 1955 and still holds a lot of administrative importance in the functioning of Bhutan. Situated 72 km (3 hours drive) from Thimphu, Punakha gets pretty warm in both the summer and winter months.

One of the key attractions of this beautiful city is the Punakha Dzong- built at the confluence of Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu rivers. Another major reason that attracts international tourists to Punakha is the much famed and acclaimed cultural festival of Punakha that takes places during the months of February and March. This festival has held a vital importance in the hearts of the  Bhutanese people as it celebrates the defeat of the Tibetan forces and marks the unification of Bhutan under one banner.

Current temperature: 11 degrees

Experience type: Culture, Sightseeing

Ideal for: Families, Couples

Best time to visit: Feb to October