Best adventure activities in Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is far-famed world-wide for its natural beauty that lies in its snow capped mountains and lush-green meadows which spellbounds through its fascination.For adventure-lovers also, it is highly sought-after holiday locale as it offers a host of options. Some of the main adventure spor...
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Best Waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, a picturesque state with natural excellence is always famous for its’ rich cultural heritage and doctrines. The snow clad mountains, deep valleys, exotic waterfalls, mesmerizing water springs form the base of this scenic beauty. But not many people know about the beautiful specta...
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Things To Do In Bhutan

Mountains, mystery and magic. Welcome to Bhutan. With astonishing landscapes and highly diverse wildlife, there’s nothing about the place that doesn’t amaze you. There was a time when the country was said to be the poorest, but that may be true only in terms of currency. Because historically and...
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