Nestled somewhere deep in Parvati Valley and situated next to Parvati River lies the eternally tranquil village of Kasol. More than a hill-station, Kasol is an experience that will transcend your thinking beyond the pre-defined notion of picturesque beauty and blissful surroundings.

Also known as ‘Little Israel’ due to the high population of Israeli tourists based or traveling to this village, Kasol is a unique entity in every aspect. Upon reaching Kasol, one gets the feelings of having entered a foreign land as the signboards all over the village only read in either Hebrew or English. However, that feeling of unfamiliarity quickly wears off as the travelers feel enchanted with the serene beauty all around them.  

Current temperature: 4 degrees

Experience type: Adventure, Relaxation, Camping

Best for: Solo travelers and Adventure travelers

Best time to visit: April to September