Situated in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Sangla Valley is a picturesque vacation spot near the Tibet border. In Tibetan language, Sangla translates to ‘the pass of light’ referring to the serene sunlight received by this lush-green valley. Sangla is a beautiful area to explore for nature lovers who are in the mood for camping, nature walks, treks, and yoga sessions.

Another interesting activity that can be done in Sangla Valley is angling (fishing) for Trout in the Baspa river. Other interesting places of sightseeing in the Valley are- Bering Nag Temple, Tibetan wood carving centre, Baspa Dam Reservoir, and the 800 year-old Kamru Fort.

Current temperature: 1 degrees
Experience type: Adventure, Nature, Sightseeing
Ideal for: Solo travelers, adventure travelers
Best time to visit: March to June