Although Himachal is a pleasure to behold all year-round for one reason or another, majority of the tourists like to visit Himachal during the summer months of April to June. The major reason why people prefer the moderate sunny climate of Himachal is to get a break from the otherwise searingly hot temperatures all across the country. In the summer months, tourists from nearby plain areas like Chandigarh, New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur flock to the hills by the dozen for a blissful weekend retreat.

The lean season in Himachal Pradesh is a long one, and yet it provides some of the best vistas and adventure activities for travelers who love to explore nature. The lean season begins with the start of autumn in October, goes on into the cold and chilly winter, and then ends finally ends with the welcome of spring in late March.

With mountains, there always comes a persistent and inevitable danger of landslides. Every year, the monsoon season between July to September brings heavy rainfall, thundershowers, and even hailstorms to many parts of Himachal. This severely batters the lifeline of Himachal Pradesh-its road network to an extent that many places become inaccessible by road for days, sometimes even months.

Although there is a flow of tourists coming into during these months, but most of them travel knowing that there is a certain amount of luck that is going to be involved in the probability of their vacation in Himachal Pradesh being a success