Situated on the banks of the Dal Lake, Hazratbal Shrine is the most holiest shrine for Muslims located in the capital of Srinagar. It is considered a very sacred place of worship because of the Shrine being the resting place of a relic called Moi-e-muqaddas- believed to be as a ‘hair strand’ of Muhammad. According to the historical evidence, the relic was brought in Srinagar by Syed Abdullah- a descendant of Muhammad who left Medina and moved to India 400 years ago.

The Hazratbal Shrine is reflected by the society as a beacon of love and respect for the Prophet Muhammad. Travelers can also enjoy a great view of the Dal Lake and the mountains around from the shrine complex. The hair is presented before the public only on religious occasions. Visitors know the shrine by different names including Assar-e-Sharief, Madinat-us-Sani and Dargah Sharif.