Wrapped in the snow-capped peaks and huddled amidst two tiny alpine lakes- Zanskar Valley is sandwiched between the Great Himalayas to the South and the Zanskar Ranges to the North making it one of the most remote places of India.

The steep terrains covered with snow reflect the heavenly skies. The loud rivers rush through these mountains making for an absolutely beautiful combination of view and sounds. Deep gorges, snow glaciers and a number of small religious spots dot the Zanskar valley. The tributaries of the Zanskar River are famous for seasonal white river rafting.

The Zanskar region is also famous for its rich flora and fauna thanks to the irrigated villages that have been blessed with lakes and rivers. Many types of animals can be found in Zanskar like- the Marmot, bear, wolf, snow leopard, bharal, alpine ibex, wild sheep and goats, and the lammergeier.

Current weather: -4 degrees

Famous for: Sightseeing, Adventure sports

Experience type: Adventure

Best time to visit: June to August