If you are looking for a homestay with all the facilities in Ladakh then Gangaba Homestay is the perfect option for you. One of the best homestays in Leh and Ladakh area with all essential offices, Gangba Homestay falls on the way to Stok Kangri . It is the best homestay for groups, families and companions. Amid the stay you can appreciate everyday activities with Ladakhi locals you can likewise investigate the serene Ladakhi fields while the renowned Ladakhi blue jaybird trill from the poplar trees. That is not all. You can also head out for trekking and visit the nearby monasteries and stupas. Get a chance to learn about the day to day life of the people there. And most of all you enjoy the glittering Milky Way from your terrace. Amenities: The homestay is equipped with all the state of art facilities for a modern day to day use. You will have hot and cold running waters for 24 hours. Also you can enjoy different Ladakhi cuisine in their fine dining hall.

Contact Details:
Location: Upper Tukcha Road, Leh- Ladhakh,
Jammu and Kashmir 194101
Phone: 099990 30382