Once eloquently described by the legendary writer Rudyard Kipling as a “world within a world”, Kaza is the main architect of the Spiti Valley charm, grace, and intrigue. Holding the honor of being the largest town in Spiti Valley, Kaza is situated right along the Spiti river at an altitude of 3650 metres.

With all the major hotels, restaurants, and government offices located here, Kaza town is divided into two sections as the old town is referred to as ‘Kaza Khas’ and the new part of the town known as ‘Kaza Soma’. Tabo Monastery is one of the oldest buddhist monasteries in India, that was built in Kaza offering a pristine religious experience.

Current temperature: -9 degrees

Best time to visit: May to August

Experience type: Sightseeing and Adventure

Suitable for: Families and adventure travelers